Beyond the Burning Sea (Fate's Crucible, #1)
by TB Schmid & R.Wade Hodges

It has been over two hundred and fifty years since the sky fell and the Young Gods died.

The pride of the Sea Kings' fleet, the SKS Peregrine, has done the impossible: she has traveled beyond the Burning Sea, long thought to be the southern edge of the world of Ruine. Now, all that remains of her crew struggle to find their way back, led by a young man bearing a book filled with dark secrets. A terrifying truth pursues them, while the Endless Dark of the ocean patiently waits below.

Back on the mainland, the city states of Gundlaan strive to form a united nation. On the fringe of its western frontier, there are whispers of a sinister force gathering. The Laegis Templars, the mortal remains of the Young Gods' army, are dispatched to deal with the problem, but in the vast and untamed Deckoran Wilds, Death itself is never far away...

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Between The Darkness & Dust (Fate's Crucible, #2)
by TB Schmid & R.Wade Hodges

Between the rising Darkness and the Dust of a broken world, lies the fate of all living things...

An untested ship’s captain continues his perilous journey home aboard the Peregrine’s emergency launch, accompanied by the few surviving crewman of the doomed Seeker ship. He carries a book full of dark secrets, under an oath to deliver it to his homeland before it’s too late. But secrets are like wild animals caught in a snare, scratching and biting, clawing their way to freedom.

Fresh from her confrontation with an unknown power in the western Wilds, a young warrior is pressed into the service of an arrogant, powerful lord who claims that only he can save the world. An ancient evil has awakened and she must confront it, with but a steadfast few of her fellow Laegis Templar, in a city of blasted ruins clinging to the cracked edge of the world.

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It Came From Hyperspace!
by R.Wade Hodges

Join the Legion 909 Company as they brave the perils on the Darkedge of the known Universe! THRILL to the exciting discoveries! FEAR the unknown surprises! FEEL your heart race at the PULSE POUNDING fight against DEATH! Be in the middle of it all with the Violent 9’s in this first novelization of their OUT OF THIS WORLD adventures inspired by the Legion: The Game RPG System!

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Tales of Yhore: The Chronicles of Monch by D.F. Monk
Based on real fake events, Tales of Yhore recounts the exploits of Monch, a champion among champions in a digitally constructed video game world based on a movie based on a book, none of which really existed ever. If that’s not confusing enough, wait until you meet Monch’s cat.

“There are words printed on the pages between the covers!” - remarked a reviewer (source needed).

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Feral by T.B.Schmid
Sometimes tales flow down from the mountain peaks like the snow-fed streams that bleed down their bony flanks. Strange beasts. Stranger men. Stories spun in the glow of highlander watch fires to pass the time swell and strengthen - every retelling a new tributary - until the tale becomes a legend. But sometimes, the legends are real...

A well-traveled, resourceful warrior leads a formidable sorceress with a dark, conflicted past through a remote wilderness he once called home. When they run afoul of a dangerously unstable patrol commander as a brutal winter storm closes in, they find themselves trapped between their pursuer and something far more sinister. 'Feral' is a gripping tale of horror and suspense set in the epic fantasy world of Ruine. Its rich, diverse characters are caught up in a storm of swords, sorcery, madness...and an ancient evil that even the hard-bitten mountain clans fear above all else.

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