R. Wade Hodges feels like author summaries sound too much like obituaries. He enjoys giant robot anime, good whisky, gaming and anything involving bacon. He is grateful to be part of Lions of the Empire and the world of Ruine. He has survived by spite and the efforts of his wonderful daughter and his fantastic wife.

TB Schmid lives in upstate New York with his wife, two children, and two Norwegian Elk Hounds. He and author R.Wade Hodges are currently collaborating on a gritty, epic fantasy series entitled "Fate's Crucible". Book 1 of the series, "Beyond the Burning Sea", is out now. "Feral" is his first published work.

D.F. Monk claims to be an exile from a parallel dimension. He lives with his partner and their child while he crafts "memoirs" of his lost home, all the while searching the globe for the one portal that might take him back. "Tales of Yhore" is his first published work on this plane of reality.